Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What flavors do they come in?

Alright dear readers, a Mail to Males first!   Today we present our first letter from one of our beloved males.   We decided all is fair in love and war, and because we’re showing our side of the story, every once in awhile we need to feature the man’s perspective.  We’ll also be showing responses to some of our notes that we’ve already posted, as they come in.  But this story was too hillarious to pass up!  So enjoy our newest feature - “Return Male”

From our dear friend Marshall:
Just got back from the Walgreens Pharmacy picking up some prescriptions, and the line was SO LONG! But I was determined to get what I needed, so I stood there. Well, you know how your eyes get to looking at things, and you kinda start getting bored and you might just start a chat with someone …or something. Well, the lady in front of me (about 30 years old) had a box of bright and colorful striped candy, so I said “are those any good?” She looked at me, like I was out of my mind, and said “Well, they work for me.” Then I looked closer at the box, and said, “Oh Jezz, I’m sorry I thought that was a box of like, twizler candy, or something!” I’m so embarrassed!” She kinda half smiled, and said, “Don’t worry about it, men always get uncomfortable talking about “KOTEX”. Yes people, it was a rainbow colored box of KOTEX there in her hand. I got all flustered, fumbling for the right words to get out of this hole, Uh oh, NO, I mean embarrassing situation, and said “God, I didn’t know they came in different flavors and stuff.” She sarcastically said “Are you serious?’ Y’all, at this point the whole line of people kinda cracked up. Let me just say, that quickly became the LONGEST WAIT EVER! OMG! (I still wonder, why do they make them multicolored? Hmm, How strange?, but I won’t DARE ask…)

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